Emma's Journey to Chile

Current Location

Santiago, Chile

Join me on my journey through the streets of Santiago, Chile—they are full of beautiful street art and fresh baked empanadas! Let's explore together!


About an hour's drive from the heart of Santiago, you can find the beautiful costal town Valparaíso. It is a town known for its street art, graffiti and a lot of colorful buildings. 


Since traveling to Santiago, I have noticed a change in atmosphere and perspective. For more than three weeks, there have been massive protests every day, and I am living it, too.

Field Notes

Chile is home to the Andes Mountain Range that extends down the length of South America, a long coast line, the Patagonia mountains and the Atacama desert. There is so much diversity to be found!


This past week in Chile was crazy! Over a million people went out onto the streets to protest the government. I made a video explaining the political history of Chile.