Traveler Bio

¡Hola a todos! Me llamo Emily. Hello everyone! My name is Emily. I’m originally from New Haven, Connecticut. When I was growing up, I loved visiting the beach with my family and painting. I still do! I studied art at Oberlin College in Ohio. After graduation, I traveled the country and worked as an environmental educator. I lived in California, Hawaii and Alaska. Then, I went back to school to get a master’s degree in marine biodiversity and conservation.

After school, I moved to Monterey, California to manage a program called LiMPETS (long-term monitoring program and experiential training for students). I taught students about coastal ecosystems and trained them to be community scientists. LiMPETS students collect real data about invertebrates and algae that live on rocky shores and sandy beaches.

I love learning about coastal ecosystems and connecting students to research and conservation, so I applied for a Fulbright Research Scholarship to come to Argentina. I’m studying the coastal ecosystems here and working with researchers to engage community scientists to help collect data. My Spanish is improving and I am learning new things everyday! Are you ready to join me? Let's go!