Emily's Journey to Argentina

Current Location


Hello! I'm Emily, and I'm researching coastal ecology and community science in Argentina. I'm so excited to share my adventures in South America with you!


Greetings from from Mar del Plata! Locals call it "Mardel," and it is located six hours south of Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires. Mardel is known as the surf capital of the country!


It has been fun sharing my adventures in Argentina with your class. I'm excited to keep learning about this country, and I hope you are, too! 

Field Notes

Mate (pronounced mah-teh) is the national beverage of Argentina. It is made by steeping leaves of yerba mate in hot water. Mate contains caffeine, and people here commonly drink it in the afternoon.


Coastal sand dunes are special ecosystems, providing habitat for unique plants and animals. People can enjoy sand dunes, but we need to protect them, too! I visited some sand dunes in Puerto Madryn.