Dulce's Journey to South Korea

Current Location

Seoul, South Korea

안녕하세요! My name is Dulce and I'm a university student in Seoul, South Korea. I hope you enjoy following my adventures as I learn how to speak Korean and try tasty food from across the country.


As spring arrives in South Korea, the cherry blossoms are blooming, spring showers are coming and the days are becoming longer. Join me as I explore more of Seoul!


It's my last month in South Korea, so now is a good time to look back on my time here and everything that I've learned. Living abroad has been a valuable learning experience that I recommend for all!

Field Notes

South Korea is becoming an "aged society" and the government is taking steps to take care of its growing population of senior citizens.


Busan is a city in the southernmost region of South Korea. It is famous for its seafood, beaches and beautiful nature. Here are some pictures from my trip to the aquarium and the beach in Busan.