Christopher's Journey to South Korea

Current Location

Jeju City, South Korea

My name is Chris and I am teaching English at Ara Middle School on Jeju Island, South Korea. Join me on my journey in beautiful Jeju-do, South Korea!


The weather has been great on Jeju Island since spring has started. This week, I went to the beach with friends, ate a lot of great food and had a wonderful time!


Thank you for following all of my journals, logbooks, field notes and photos! It's almost time for me to return home, but I will never forget what I have learned and experienced in South Korea.

Field Notes

Recycling is important because it helps keep our enviroment clean. Convincing people of the importance of recycling is not always easy, though.


Come take a tour of the future community space for students and people associated with my school on Jeju Island. I spend every day here after school, helping to develop this space for future use!