Christene's Journey to Ecuador

Current Location

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Hello! I'm Christene, and I'm currently practicing my Spanish skills in the South American country of Ecuador. I'm so excited to bring you all along for the journey! Let's go!


Welcome to Ecuador, or as they say here, Bienvenidos a Ecuador! My first week living in a foreign country has been a success. I'm loving it already!


I only have one more week here in this amazing country, and it is hard to say goodbye. Ecuador will always be in my heart, or in Spanish, siempre en mi corazón.

Field Notes

New Year's Eve in Ecuador comes with some pretty wild traditions! Check them out.


The Amazon rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest in the world. It extends through nine countries in South America, including Ecuador. This weekend I visited the rainforest with some friends!