Caroline's Journey to Spain

Current Location

Santa Cruz de Tenerife Spain

Bienvenidos a Tenerife! Welcome to Tenerife! I am so excited to share stories from my new island paradise, where I work as an assistant English teacher at an elementary school. Join me!


I live in the city of Santa Cruz which is by the water and near the port. Just 20 minutes by car up the hill is another city called La Laguna. It is so close, but it feels very different!


Moving to a new country by yourself is scary and exciting. Read to learn more about my adventures integrating into my new community here in Spain.

Field Notes

Every country has different holidays that they celebrate. Some holidays are celebrated in many countries around the world, but some are not. Spain is just starting to celebrate Halloween!


This weekend, I went to a different island. It is right next to Tenerife, and it's called Gran Canaria. While I was there, I went to an awesome aquarium. Have you ever been to an aquarium?