Caroline's Journey to Malaysia

Current Location

Malacca Malaysia

Hi everyone! I'm Caroline, and I'm an English teacher in Malaysia. I'm excited for you to meet my students, and also for us to explore Malaysian culture together. Let's go!


I've landed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (capital city) for a few weeks of teacher training before I go to Malacca (a neighboring state) to teach for the rest of 2020!


Thank you for following my journey for my first few weeks in Malaysia! I hope that I provided some insight into this amazing country, and I hope that you all have a wonderful rest of the school year.

Field Notes

Malaysia's weather and scenery are beautiful with sunshine, beaches and palm trees. The negative of this environment is that sometimes communities do not get enough rain.


I am teaching students ages 13-18 this year in Malacca, Malaysia. I've included some photos of the school, students and activities. I am teaching English and coaching girls rugby.