Carolina's Journey to Thailand

Current Location

Pathum Thani

Hi, I'm Carolina, and I am currently studying at Rangsit University near Bangkok, Thailand. I can't wait to share my experiences in this amazing country with you!


Last weekend, I was fortunate to travel to Ayuttaya once more and to Erawan National Park. It was an amazing two days full of sun and sightseeing!


This is my last journal. I hope that my journey has been entertaining and educational, and I hope that you learned a lot about Thailand from me!

Field Notes

During my study abroad in Thailand, I noticed just how much human impact has hurt the environment around me. From pollution to unclean streets, there is a lot to learn about human nature. 


I went to Koh Phi Phi a few weekends ago. It was the best time of my life! I had so much fun and I wanted to share my adventure with you guys! Through this album, I hope to share this experience!