Carlyn's Journey to Panama

Current Location

Panama City, Panama

Hi everyone, I'm Carlyn. I am excited you will be joining me on my journey to research a disease called Hantavirus in Panama. I can't wait to share this incredible country and culture with you!


I celebrated one of Latin America's most famous events--Carnaval (pronounced Carn-ah-vahl)! I went to a concert of one of my favorite Latin artists, Joey Montana! It was great dancing music.


My time in Panama has been incredible and I am so thankful I could share it with you. I hope you have enjoyed the journey. Today, we don't say adios (goodbye), we say hasta pronto (see you soon).

Field Notes

Not every country is perfect--even ones with beautiful beaches and amazing people like Panama. Can you help brainstorm ideas to help Panama improve their trash and recycling issues?


In April, it was my birthday! My coworkers found out and sung me happy birthday in Spanish and English! Here's a video of my heart-warming birthday moment. I have posted the lyrics and translation.