Camille's Journey to Ecuador

Current Location

Quilotoa, Ecuador

Hi, 2X'ers! I'm Camille, and I'm so excited that you'll be joining me for some hands-dirty, feet-wet science! Together, we will learn about mangroves and explore the amazing country of Ecuador.


This weekend I traveled to Quilotoa (a small town with a wonderful crater lake) with some of my Fulbright friends. We went hiking, took in the beautiful sciencery, and enjoyed each other's company. 


Researching mangrove isn't all fun and games (...even though most of the time it is fun). I hope you enjoy learning a bit more about the progess of my project! 

Field Notes

Join me to learn more about Dia de los Difuntos in Ecuador! 


This year so far has been full of lots of changes. As the year is ending and the rainy season is begining in Guayaquil, I find myself surrounded by oppotrunites to continue to grow and change.