Brittany's Journey to Finland

Current Location

Tampere Finland

Hi, I'm Brittany! Do you like science, magical winter skies and baby reindeer? Pull up a cup of cocoa and join me on my journey to Finland to study global maternal-infant health.


School and work will always beckon, but Finns take their weekends very seriously. I am happy to travel, write and explore during the weekends and recently I visited Oulu and Helsinki in Finland.


Moving to Finland not only exposed me to Finnish culture, but it also gave me the privilege and opportunity to better understand 15 different countries through the eyes of my international classmates!

Field Notes

Mushrooms grow widely in northern Europe and can be used in a variety of recipes. Mushroom picking with an experienced guide is essential, as it prevents you from picking deadly mushrooms.


So much can happen in one week! We went camping in the Finnish countryside at the edge of a misty lake, waded through snowflakes the size of baseballs and saw a historical European football victory!