Bhavya's Journey to the European Union

Current Location

Brussels, Belgium

My name is Bhavya Jha, and I am traveling to three countries to learn how the European Union approaches lithium-ion battery recycling. I am excited to share this journey with you!


Last week, I made a short trip to Sweden and visited the more industrial city of Västerås (pronounced like Westeros for the Game of Thrones fans!) and the country's capital of Stockholm. 


Over the past month, I've learned about Brussels and life as Bruxellois/Brusselaar (refers to inhabitants of Brussels in French and Dutch, respectively).

Field Notes

This week, I interviewed my co-worker Sandra and learned a little bit about her day-to-day routine in Brussels.


After quite some time, I had a full week in the office and kept it very routine. The break from travel was nice, but didn't last long! I got to visit Copenhagen and the surrounding areas this weekend!