Bancakan is Javanese tradition especially in Central Java, bancakan a symbol of gratitude to the ancestors and God as creator, bancakan is prevalent in society that holds tightly culturation kejawen tradition, bancakan an understanding of each person to the pamomong or caregiver and spiritual mentors are realized with the form rice cone consists of various vegetable crops. Bancakan as an expression of gratittude, the symbol of democracy, egalitarianism, justice, transparency, equality, solidarity, and others.

What tradition did I learn about?:

Bancakan is done at someone’s weton ( the day in week period when we were born in javanese tradition). In javanese tradition, someone should be made this at least one time during his/her life. But, it will be better if it does do at least one time during a year. If someone has been feeling badluck at all, bancakan will be done seven time frequently, it means every 35 days, during 7 months. Also it is a symbol of gratitude to The God.

Why does the community have this tradition?:

Because it related to the function and the benefit of Bancakan Weton and that is for “ngopahi sing momong” (pay someone who has been taken care). Javanese people believe that everyone always got momong /pamomong (baby sitter, it’s related to methaphysic and supernatural).