Anna's Journey to Russia

Current Location

Ekaterinburg, Russia

Hi, I'm Anna, and this year I'll be in Ekaterinburg, Russia to work on a research project. I can't wait to share more about Russian culture with you!


Learn the basics about Russia. What's the weather like, what money do they use, and how do you get around?


What's the thing that makes where you're from special? What do you know about Russia? Maybe you've seen a picture of Red Square or a Russian nesting doll. Let's find out what makes Russia special!

Field Notes

What's transportation like in Ekaterinburg? What's a trolleybus? You get a bed on the train? Learn about how to get around in Russia!


Here are some pictures from a trip I took with my host family to their dacha, or summer house when I first arrived in September. They go there almost every weekend to work in their garden and relax.