Ana's Journey to Spain

Current Location

Madrid Spain

Do you enjoy flamenco, paella or bull runs, or maybe you don't (yet!) know what these are? Join me on my journey to Madrid, Spain, and together we'll learn a ton about this amazing country!


We're halfway there! It has been two months since I arrived in Madrid! Two more to go! I can't believe how fast the time is going. Come see how I have been making the most of things here in Madrid!


Goodbye, my lovely Madrid! It has been the most meaningful experience I have ever had! And goodbye to you, too, my fellow-travelers in the USA! Thank you for joining me on this trip of a lifetime! 

Field Notes

One of the hottest topics among the nations of the world is the environment and how we can help preserve it. Find out what the city of Madrid is doing to leave as small a footprint as possible.


For Semana Santa (Holy Week) we had one week of vacation. We took this opportunity to travel to Italy! We also made some pit stops in Marseille, which is in France, as well as in Monaco.