Alisa's Journey to France

Current Location

Grenoble France

Hi, my name is Alisa and I am studying the French language at the Université Grenoble Alpes in a small city in southeastern France. I'm excited to share this mountainous region with you!


Spring has finally arrived in France! Come with me as I travel to Southern France to take advantage of the good weather! 


As my study abroad time comes to an end, here are my final thoughts. Thank you for coming along with me to Grenoble for the semester!

Field Notes

From cooking oil to cakes, walnuts are everywhere in Grenoble! Read more to learn about my experience with this local specialty.


Last weekend, I visited the Chateau de Vizille.  A small castle not far from of my host city in Vizille, France.  I had a lot of fun exploring the park outside of the castle and the museum inside.