Victoria's Journey to Germany

Current Location

Berlin, Germany

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Do you speak German? I didn't until I was in Germany! I look forward to sharing my adventure in learning Germany's culture and lanugage!


Potsdam, Germany

King Friedrich II the Great build Sanssouci Palace, a big castle with wonderful gardens, as a summer home. It is known for its gorgeous scenery and is a very common tourist attraction.


It is easy to remain in the mindset of your home country. The important thing to remember in Berlin is that social behavior and global perspectives differ.

Field Notes

Meat is not always my favorite food to eat, but Germany is very keen on it, and there is a big presence of international food here in Berlin. This week I tried Döner Kebab from the middle east.


Berlin has such a rich history that is displayed through the statues of around the city. From small figures to giant skulptures, you can learn so much from looking. Here are some that I have seen!