Stanley's Journey to China

Current Location


Join me on my journey to China! I will be teaching English and learning Mandarin in the city of Shenyang. Shenyang is a historic city in northern China with 10 million residents!


Ni Hao! The Mid-Autumn Festival is near! Now, what is this festival about you ask? Well, after reading this logbook I hope that becomes clearer, and I also hope that you try a delicious mooncake!


Although I have been in Shenyang for a little over a month, I feel like I’m still adjusting. However, I will discuss my initial integration into the community.

Field Notes

Shenyang has a lot to be proud of. It was once at the center of China's industrial boom. However, times have changed, and the city is known for something else now - air pollution. 


Enjoy some views from campus! This album features pictures from inside buildings to and outside areas. There is plenty to see all across the great land of Northeastern Univerisity.