Serena's Journey to Ireland

Current Location

Cork, Ireland

Hello! My name is Serena and I am studying European politics and architecture in Cork, Ireland. I am excited to be able to take you along on my adventures and share Ireland’s rich culture with you! 


This week I'm off from class and my mom, sister and grandmother came to visit me in Ireland. I went up to Dublin to meet them at the airport and we then went to Counties Meath, Galway and Roscommon.


It has been a great pleasure to share stories of my travels and I hope that I have given you a glimpse into Ireland and Irish culture. Unfortunately, all good things must end.

Field Notes

Aoife loves to be outside but in Ireland it rains a lot. Her friends and her get really sad when they can't play outside in the sun. Can you invent a game or sport that can only be played in the rain?


The port town of Cobh was historically very significant since it was often one of the last stops as ships headed towards the Americas. It is famously the last port of call for the Titanic.