Santos' Journey to Spain

Current Location

Granada, Spain

Hello, my name is Santos Botello and I am currently studying in Granada, Spain. I am excited to be a Reach the World traveler because I get to share my experiences with you!


This logbook describes a normal week in Granada and general information about daily life in the city. I also talk about a day trip to Ronda, Spain. 


This journal is a short summary of my life thus far, and my dreams for the future. It focuses on my timeline of schooling and who I wish to become in life. 

Field Notes

In Spain, people eat a wide variety of food from fresh seafood to traditional Spanish meals. Among the food eaten in Granada, paella is a popular Spanish dish enjoyed by many. 


This past weekend I set out to try to accomplish the "Tres Picos" Challenge. This challenge consists of climbing the three highest mountains in Spain in three days! Check out what I saw!