Ruby's Journey to Spain

Current Location

Seville, Spain

Hola! I will be living abroad in Sevilla, Spain from January to June. I'll be studying Spanish literature and history at the University of Sevilla, alongside other international and Spanish students. 


This weekend, I visited the remaining Roman ruins of an ancient city called Italica. The ruins are just outside of Seville, and were excavated when people started building a pueblo outside of Seville.


As my time with Reach the World is coming to an end, I'd like to say a goodbye and a thank you for following my journey! 

Field Notes

The weather in Seville is generally warm all year round, but it gets incredibly hot in the summers, with temperatures reaching 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Find out how Sevillanos survive these summers! 


I am very fortunate because my best friend, Lucy, is studying abroad in Spain this semester as well. She is in Alicante, Spain, and this weekend I got to visit her! Alicante is a very enchanting city.