Robert's Journey to Colombia

Current Location

Bogotá, Colombia

Hola, buenas! I will be living in Bogotá, Colombia for the coming year and working as a professor at the National University. Join me on my journey to Bogota and throughout Colombia! Listo? Chao!


It has been quite a jam-packed past few months! From lots of trips around Colombia, to Buenos Aires, I needed some time to hang low and get to know all of the wonderful sites in and around Bogotá.


Its hard to think that I'm already halfway done with my time in Bogotá, Colombia! Its hard to say goodbye, but I can't wait travel and come back with a fresh perspective, and ready to divce back in.

Field Notes

Anywhere in Colombia you go, there's usually a main town square that buildings surround. The names of the town squares are easy to remember: They are mostly all called Plaza Bolivar! Who was Bolivar? 


Last time we video conferenced, I mentioned Ultimate Frisbee! Here's a video of the team I've been playing with in my neighborhood, Pablo VI. Ready to play? Get a frisbee, and start practicing!