Regan's Journey to Italy

Current Location

Rome, Italy

Join me on my journey to Rome, Italy! This semester we'll be exploring and learning all about life in Italy. I love the city of Rome and I can't wait to share what it's like to live here.


This week I had a day off from class, so I took the extended weekend to visit some remarkably beautiful and interesting cities along the Tryyhenian Sea south of Rome. Come along!


These past few months have been a whirlwind of adventure and new things, and I am so grateful to have shared it with you guys!

Field Notes

Here in Rome, there are many homeless people. The issue is not easy to solve, but there are people here who are trying, especially the Catholic community near the Vatican.


While my significant other was visiting me in Rome, we tried all sorts of adventurous foods. We liked some dishes more than others, and even tried a few things you can only get here!