RaeLani's Journey to Japan

Current Location

Takao Tokyo Japan

Hi! I'm RaeLani. Join me on my journey to Japan! I can't wait to share my adventures and learn about you through this exciting cultural exchange!


It has been raining nonstop all week even though it has been around 70 degrees everyday. The trees and flowers are growing new leaves and petals, too!


It's sad to finally be at the end of our journey together, but our individual journeys have just begun. From now on, let's focus on making our individual journeys special!

Field Notes

Japan's population is getting smaller and smaller, making it harder for the community to grow. Join me in learning about why Japan's population is shrinking and what is being done to fix it.


Festivals are happening all over the country to celebrate the summer season. These festivals are a way for locals to participate and help put together a fun evening for the community. Let's visit one!