Nicole's Journey to Taiwan

Current Location

Zhiben, Taitung County, Taiwan

Join me on my journey to Taitung, Taiwan! I am here teaching English on the southeast coast of Taiwan, known for its great weather, beaches and fruit! 


It is switching from a mild winter to spring in Taiwan. Spring means humidity and rain all the time. It is hard work not to get sick with this crazy weather.


What does the average American look like? There is no one answer, and this troubles many people who have never been to America and do not understand what that means.

Field Notes

Benny is a local soldier that helps my Fulbright program. He is 23 years-old. He works at local school as an education soldier. He speaks fluent English and is very helpful!


Cosmetics in Asia have one thing in common: whitewashing. These are pictures I've compiled of bleaching products and things that make people look "whiter." What are some problems with this message?