Nicole's Journey to Taiwan

Current Location

Taitung, Taiwan

Join me on my journey to Taitung, Taiwan! I am here teaching English on the southeast coast of Taiwan, known for its great weather, beaches and fruit! 


It is switching from a mild winter to spring in Taiwan. Spring means humidity and rain all the time. It is hard work not to get sick with this crazy weather.


As my 11 months in Taiwan come to a close, I am sad to say goodbye, but so thankful for my experience here. Next stop, New Jersey!

Field Notes

Taiwan's trash system is hard to navigate, but luckily you have trash disposal five days a week, so you have plenty of time to figure it out!


Some friends and I biked 180 kilometers, or about 115 miles, over two days. We started in Hulaien and biked back to Taitung. With no training and no previous experience, we were in for a bumpy ride.