Nicolas' Journey to France

Current Location

Reims, France

Are you ready to investigate delicious chocolates and bread, learn the language of love and listen to 200-year-old church bells ringing in the streets of Reims? Let's explore France together!


Here are a few things about Reims that I think you might like to know. Reims is a northern city in the Champagne region of France.


Hello! I am so happy to be able to get to know you as you get to know me. For starters, let me explain how I came to be studying in France this semester!

Field Notes

Food brings people together no matter their background. Each country has a specific way they cook and eat their food. Even different regions within each country create diverse cuisine. 


Here is a video of a cheese stand in Reims, France. It contains more then 40 different types of cheese! The types vary from blue cheese to hard cheese, to goat cheese and even stinky cheese.