Niadiquay's Journey to South Africa

Current Location

Cape Town, South Africa

Hello! My name is Niadiquay Everette, and I will be studying multiculturalism and human rights in Cape Town, South Africa this semester! I can't wait to share my experience with you!


Welcome to Tshabo! As part of a homestay, I recently spent a week and a half in this heartwarming village in the Eastern Cape. Let's examine everyday life in this part of the world.


This journal entry will give you all a small glimpse of who I am, and the sequence of events that landed me in this beautiful, history-rich country. 

Field Notes

The more I travel in and around South Africa, the more I see how South Africans get from place to place themselves. How is this the same or different than how you get around?


Welcome to Langa! This is where I spent my first three weeks in Cape Town with my host family. I was able to immerse myself in their culture through living in the life of my host mama!