Monet's Journey to Mongolia

Current Location

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Join me on my journey to Mongolia! I just moved to Ulaanbaatar (ooh-lawn-bah-ter), Mongolia from Arizona. I am an English teacher here in UB (short for Ulaanbaatar) and absolutely love my job!


My everyday life in the capital of Mongolia is full of excitement, and this week I covered a lot of ground on foot before the colder weather arrives. We've already had one snow day!


It can be challenging to move to a new country and become a part of a new community. For me, settling into my new workplace and getting to know my coworkers was the first step.

Field Notes

Pollution is a serious problem in the capital of Mongolia. The people of Ulaanbaatar are trying to fix it by reducing the need for people to burn coal to stay warm all winter.


The first few weeks in Mongolia have been full of adventure! I have been lucky to explore the beautiful countryside and experience so many unique aspects of Mongolian culture. Check it out!