Mickalia's Journey to the United Arab Emirates

Current Location

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Come abroad with me and discover the wonders of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates! 


Although I have not arrived in Abu Dhabi yet, there are so many things I am excited for! I would love to share my hopes and expectations for when I arrive at my study abroad location.


I hope you all enjoyed the articles and photos I shared about Abu Dhabi. Many people do not know much about Abu Dhabi, so I hope you share the information I have given you with other people you know!

Field Notes

I am excited to share with you some information that I found out about one of my professors at New York University Abu Dhabi.


I am glad that I have been able to share my experiences with you all. I have a mix of photos that I would love you to see! I was able to find different flavors of my favorite chocolate, the Kit Kat!