Micah's Journey to India

Current Location

Bengaluru, India

Hello! I’m Micah from Arizona, but right now I am studying abroad in India. It is a beautiful country full of color and diversity. I am very excited to tell you all about my adventures over here!


I spent most of the week in Bengaluru, but then my friends and I traveled to a coastal city called Puducherry for the weekend. This week has been full of exciting adventures!


Greetings from India! My name is Micah. You can usually find me in Arizona, but right now I am studying abroad in Bengaluru, India. Why Bengaluru? Let me tell you!

Field Notes

Have you ever heard of Rangoli before? Rangoli is a type of traditional art that I often see on the sidewalk in India while I am walking around the city. I am excited to show you how it is made!


When people think of India, something that often comes to their mind is that it is very crowded and dirty. Here, I am going to show you the other side of India--away from the crowded city streets.