Melani's Journey to Germany

Current Location

Dresden, Germany

Join me on my journey to Germany! This year I will be living in Dresden, Germany and teaching English to students at Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasium in nearby Pirna, Germany.


It was awfully nice outside for my first week of teaching at the Schiller Gymansium in Pirna! It was also perfect for a stroll along the banks of the stunning Elbe River in Dresden.


Welcome to Germany! For starters, allow me to introduce you to both myself and Dresden, Germany.

Field Notes

Discovering new foods in Germany has been a real highlight of my trip so far. I'd like to introduce you to some specialties from the Saxony region that you can find at local fall markets.


Leipzig is a city near Dresden, and it's one of my favorite cities in Germany because it has a rich musical and literary history. I'd like to show you some of the cultural sights in Leipzig!