Maya's Journey to Thailand

Current Location

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hi! My journey in Thailand will take you through the northern mountain region, the southern islands, the countryside and the big busy cities, so get ready for something new each week!


I spent the last week in Vietnam, which is a country to the east of Thailand. I saw many new places, tried new foods and enjoyed the rich Vietnamese culture!


When you move to another country, things change. You no longer have the comfort that you did back home. At first it may be hard, but eventually you must try to integrate yourself into the community!

Field Notes

This week I got to interview a close Thai friend of mine! Her name is Chattarika but she goes by her middle name, Christina. She is a Thai native and lives a very exciting life!


Here is an album of some of my favorite moments form my weekend trip to Krabi! We got to explore many surrounding islands like Poda, Tub, Chicken, and Koh Phi Phi island. Enjoy!