Maria's Journey to Denmark

Current Location

Copenhagen, Denmark

Hello, exchange partners! Join me in my journey to Copenhagen, Denmark!


This week I was in Munich, Germany learning about the brain and the culture. I went with my science class and enjoyed every minute of it. Look what I did!


On my last days in Denmark, I reflect on some things I have learned and what it has been like to live on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Come join me on my last adventure! I hope you enjoy it!

Field Notes

Ever wanted to be a construction worker? In Denmark, these people are important for the society and keep the city clean. They are sometimes overseen, but they deserve to be praised for their work. 


Thanksgiving break took place this week, and I got to spend some time in two different cities in Denmark, Aarhus and Odense. These are the two biggest cities in the country, apart from Copenhagen.