Margaret's Journey to Spain

Current Location

Madrid, Spain

Come join me on my journey to Madrid, Spain! I arrived to the capital city in September 2017 and will be living here until June 2018, on a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship grant.


This Logbook is a flashback to when I visited France for the first time with my sister back in December! We went to Paris.


Well, it's been quite the ride! Thanks so much for tuning in and being involved in my experience in Spain.

Field Notes

Sometimes we forget just how lucky we are to be native English speakers! Let's learn why our mother tongue is so important all across the globe.


Get to know two more cities! Aranjuez has a royal palace, gardens, and museums. Granada has La Alhambra, marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is a very important tourist destination in Spain.