Margaret's Journey to Spain

Current Location

Chañaral, Chile

Come join me on my journey to Madrid, Spain! I arrived to the capital city in September 2017 and will be living here until June 2018, on a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship grant.


This Logbook is a flashback to when I visited France for the first time with my sister back in December! We went to Paris.


In this journal, I reflect on the value of keeping an open mind and blending into a place by following cultural norms.

Field Notes

I'm taking a different turn and writing about my experience back in Chile, living in a purely desert environment. This was a totally new and unique challenge for me which I grew to love.


Toledo is a very old city just outside of Madrid, about an hour or so away by bus. In this album, I'll share some photos from the three times I've visited, from October to May!