Leon's Journey to China

Current Location

Nanjing, China

Join me on my journey to China! I will be studying in Nanjing and will be exploring all that the city and the country have to offer! I'm so excited for you to join me.


Nanjing being the major city that it is, there are a lot of modern things to see and do. The city also manages to retain a long and rich history through its many parks and traditional attractions.


When traveling to a different country, one always has preconceived ideas about the place, the environment, the people or the food. However, though things are different, I find it's not so unlike home.

Field Notes

The city of Nanjing and Jiangsu province as a whole was historically one of the richest regions in China because of its vicinity to the Yangtze River and its location in central China.


Doctor Sun Yat-sen, known as the founding father of modern China, established the first Republic of China. After his passing, a huge mausoleum, or tomb, was built in his honor to remember his legacy.