Laura's Journey to Mauritius

Current Location

Flic-en-Flac Mauritius

Bonjour! Hi! I'm Laura and I'm so happy to meet you. I hope you enjoy following the adventures of Lizzy (my daughter) and me while we are in Africa on the island of Mauritius!


I'm so hot I might melt! It's summertime here, and we started the new year of 2019 a whole nine hours before you did! We're time travelers! Wait...does that make me even OLDER? 


Moving anywhere can be stressful as you learn how to do basic things (like figuring out how to work the stove), but it can also be one off the greatest experiences of your life.

Field Notes

At this point, I'm not sure if I should be looking left or right— so I look left and right! Mauritius is making me directionally challenged.


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