Kylee's Journey to Ecuador

Current Location

Quito, Ecuador

Hi! Join me on my journey to Ecuador, where I will be tutoring English at a local university, working with 10th graders at a local high school and visiting the Galapagos and the Amazon Rainforest! 


This week I had some pretty great weather, ate delicious food, and learned about some interesting Ecuadorian legends! 


There have been a lot of ups and downs as I have integrated into Ecuadorian life. Moving in with someone who doesn't speak the same language was especially scary, but I wouldn't change my experience. 

Field Notes

For a small country, Ecuador is environmentally diverse. There are two major regions in Ecuador: the costa (coast) and the sierra (mountains). Each region is unique in terms of its people and climate.


I was lucky enough to visit Baños, a beautiful mountain town. Baños is known for its natural beauty, an abundance of water and extreme adventure sports! In Baños, I went outside of my comfort zone.