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Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia
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Journal Entry:

When I first arrived at the Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) I was excited to begin my research. However, unfamiliar with the system at UMT, I soon realized I was a bit unclear about how to begin my project and unsure of where and how I could attain equipment for my experiment. When beginning my thesis work in the U.S., my advisor introduced me to our wonderful lab coordination supervisor who was able to help me access the necessary facilities and direct me to the appropriate equipment.

Starting out at UMT, I looked for a similar “point person,” but was unable to find one. Undeterred, I talked to fellow researchers and began to learn more about UMT’s system. In this way, my friends became my laboratory “point people,” teaching me about authorization forms and sending me in the right direction. With the help of my friends, not only was I able to access the required equipment, but I also learned valuable lessons about the inner-workings of UMT and reaffirmed my belief that a healthy dose of willpower and perseverance can enable one to capture the seemingly unattainable.

Once I secured the proper equipment, I headed out to Chagar Hutang, the turtle sanctuary, to begin my sampling.