Joseph's Journey to Sweden

Current Location

Danderyo Forest

My name is Joe Lin and I am studying mechanical engineering in Stockholm, Sweden. I love trying new things, learning about new cultures and trying lots of delicious foods. Join me!


This past weekend, my friends and I took a short cruise to Tallinn, Estonia. For those who didn't know that Estonia exists (like me), it is a small country off the western border of Russia! 


Hi!  I love food, sports, the outdoors, music, traveling and learning about new cultures.  I study Mechanical Engineering.  I look forward to sharing my experiences in Sweden with you!

Field Notes

This week's "gustatory delight" is given to Stockholm's wild Autumn mushrooms: fresh mushrooms sautéed with butter, salt, and pepper, loaded over a fresh baguette layered with a soft spread of cheese.


Here are some photos and videos that document my little adventure in exploring the mushroom-picking culture of Sweden!