John's Journey to Hungary

Current Location

Budapest, Hungary

Szia! (Hi!) I'm participating in a program called "Budapest Semesters in Math." Join me for the next four months on my journey to Budapest, the capital city of Hungary!


It has been two weeks since I arrived in Budapest. Read on to see and learn about what I have been doing.


It's been a great showing you all around this city! I hope this is not the last of your adventures. Hopefully, I've helped you realize you don't have to go somewhere to learn about a new place!

Field Notes

I talk about two aspects of life in Budapest that stand out to me that are examples of community problems: trash collection and the homeless.


Last Sunday, I went hiking through a trail that is located thirty minutes away by bus outside Budapest. We walked through the Akirkepek region. In total, it took us seven hours to hike 18 miles!