Jennifer's Journey to the Netherlands

Current Location

Haarlem The Netherlands

Hi! I'm Jennifer, and right now I'm living in a city called Nijmegen in the Netherlands, where I work in a research lab studying the human brain. I can't wait to share my experiences here with you!


Hi everyone! As we are halfway through our journey together the leaves are changing and the weather is growing colder. This logbook is my way of updating you all on the little changes happening here!


Today I am talking about how The Netherlands sent people to colonize North America, which helped lead to the founding of the United States. Let's learn about our American history from Europe!

Field Notes

For this entry, I went to a high school in Haarlem, near Amsterdam. The students I talked to are in grade "wvo6" which is the same as the 12th grade in the United States.


This week I created an album of some traditional Dutch things. A lot of these seem silly to us, but can you think of traditional American traditions the Dutch would find odd?