Jasmine's Journey to Hong Kong

Current Location

Hong Kong

Hello! 你好!

Come with me to explore Hong Kong, a territory in the Southeast part of China, composed of 262 islands!


I flew five hours to Jakarta, Indonesia to visit old friends from South Africa and South Korea that I haven't seen in five years! While they went to work, I explored the city! 


Children start going to school at age two, and they study a lot. My daily life consists of a lot of studying, and enjoying the times I have otherwise as much as I can! Walk with me on my normal day!

Field Notes

Where does the food in Hong Kong come from? Where do most people buy their groceries? With limited space, are there farms? Come read along and find out.


Having been influenced by the British and Chinese, and as a main port for trade and other commerce, Hong Kong has a diverse arts scene. The city also has 117 declared monuments! Come take a look!