Jamie's Journey to China

Current Location

Beijing, China

Join me on my journey from Davis, California to Beijing, China!


Did you celebrate the New Year with your family and friends this year? Have you ever wondered about other countries' holidays and how others may observe time? Come learn about Chinese New Year!


Hey travelers! We're near the end of the semester now. What have you learned from my time in China? Today, I'll be talking about some of my biggest lessons and what I hope you'll take away most.

Field Notes

Have you ever thought about why New York City's buildings and roads are the way they are? In today's field note, I will share with you all how Beijing's unique urban plan came to be!


They're often a part of our families and bring many joy: they're our pets! People in Beijing may not get out of the city often, but they still enjoy their furry pets. Do you have any pets? Why?