James' Journey to Italy

Current Location

Turin, Italy


Hello, I'm James. I am very excited to be able to share my journey to Turin, Italy with all of you guys. We're going to have a great trip together!


My friends and I just finished a truly special trip to northeastern Italy. Of all the places that we saw, the city that left the most lasting impression on me was Verona. Any Romeo and Juliet fans?


One blink of an eye and three months flash by. Thank you so much for tagging along on my adventures in Italy... what a fantastic ride it's been!

Field Notes

Pollution is an unfortunate problem faced by many urban areas around the world. Here in Turin, it's one thing to know what is causing the pollution, but it's another story to implement a fix.


When you imagine a car, you might think of something with four doors, headlights and a windshield. However, Turin's Automotive Museum shows us that cars haven't always been like this!