Jahangir's Journey to China

Current Location

Suzhou, China

My name is Jahangir and I will be studying in Suzhou, China this academic year. You can call me Jay! I am excited to have you join my journey.


The weeks seem to be going so fast. I guess I am nearing the end of my semester. Still, there is so much work that needs to be done. 


In this article I talk about some of the people who have inspired me. Also, I try to offer a small piece of personal advice that I try to live by.

Field Notes

Suzhou, like the rest of China, is developing fast. In the midst of such economic growth, the environment can be overlooked. I looked at the issue of water pollution in this Field Note. 


Keyboards are the same in China as in the U.S. Pinyin, a special, phonetic and Romanized form of Chinese, is used to type Chinese characters onto the computer screen.