Jacqueline's journey to Argentina

Current Location

Buenos Aires, Argentina

¡Hola (Hi)! I am excited to take you with me on my journey to Buenos Aires, Argentina! While here, I will be studying Spanish and Argentine History, traveling around and making art! ¡Vamos (Let's go)!


Over this past week, I traveled from Buenos Aires all the way to Iguazú Falls at the border of Paraguay and Brazil. 


These are my thoughts while reflecting on the past three and a half months in Argentina. I also write about the differences between this country and the United States.

Field Notes

Bolivian students in Argentina are a minority that has seen a trend of decline in their education compared to that of other groups. This is because of intercultural forces that affect the students.


Buenos Aires is a city full of parks, in every neighborhood. In my free time, I love to visit these parts with my friends. On the weekends, every park is full of people and families!