Isabel's Journey to South Korea

Current Location

Cheongju, South Korea

Hello everyone! Please join me on my journey as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant at an all girls' Middle School in Cheongju, South Korea! I can't wait to explore with you.


This past week I traveled to many different places in South Korea, so I saw different things than I usually do during my week. I went to Seoul, Nami Island, Incheon Airport, and back home to Cheongju.


In this journal you'll learn a little bit about my host family and how I came  to live with them. I'll also describe some of my experiences learning Korean and adjusting to living a Korean lifestyle.

Field Notes

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! This week I'll be telling you about my first experience with the Korean Lunar New Year celebration, called Seollal. Seollal is written as 설날 in Korean.


In this album, you'll see the last three days of the school year. Monday is the last day of classes, Tuesday is the third year middle school graduation, and Wednesday is the end of the year ceremony.