Isabella's Journey to Italy

Current Location

Split, Croatia

This semester, I will be living in Bologna, Italy. I have also traveled to other cities across Italy, and I can't wait to share my love for Italian culture with your class!


Celebrated Italian film-maker Vittorio Taviani died at 88. He and his brother, Paolo, became household names in Italy in the 60s. Their film Padre Padrone won the Palme D'Or in Cannes in 1977. 


My five months in Italy are coming to an end. Tomorrow I set off on a final trip before I return to the US. I'll miss Bologna and all of the memories I've made here.

Field Notes

In New York, there is Central Park. In Bologna, there is Giardini Margherita. This public park is a ten minute walk from my house and I've spent many afternoons there studying or sunbathing. 


For my program's final trip, we went on a tour of Tuscany. It was a beautiful weekend. I will remember this trip for the rest of my life.