Isabella's Journey to Italy

Current Location

Bologna, Italy

This semester, I will be living in Bologna, Italy. I have also traveled to other cities across Italy, and I can't wait to share my love for Italian culture with your class!


Celebrated Italian film-maker Vittorio Taviani died at 88. He and his brother, Paolo, became household names in Italy in the 60s. Their film Padre Padrone won the Palme D'Or in Cannes in 1977. 


In America, we are taught from a very young age to have a sense of national pride. This is something that I've struggled to understand for myself, but living abroad has helped put it in perspective.

Field Notes

Italian food is a surprisingly diverse cuisine. The twenty regions of Italy were not officially united until 1861; therefore, each region has retained a distinctive set of flavors and recipes.



In the past few weeks I've spent my free time around Bologna, and had a quick day trip to Firenze with my program.