Irving's Journey to Germany

Current Location

Wernigerode, Germany

Hallo! My name is Irving and this semester, I will be studying at Hochschule Harz University in the colorful town of Wernigerode, Germany. Join me on my journey to Germany and beyond! 


Take a look at all of my adventures this week!  Come learn about meals, money, music, and more!


Come learn a little bit about my life and why I'm studying abroad in Germany!

Field Notes

Germany is a land full of culinary delights. From döner kabob to kateroffelpuffer, this country has got it all. Take a deeper look into one my favorite German dishes! 


This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to catch a ride on the HSB steam locomotive train from Wernigerode to Schrieke to take on the imfamous Mt. Brocken. This has been my favorite activity so far!